The BAe Hawk Collection

The British Aerospace Hawk has always been a very popular PSS model.  Modelled in an array of colourschemes and variants from around the world, you are likely to see at least one example at any UK PSS meet.  A number of versions have been designed and flown successfully over the years, as shown below by these examples.

Noel  McNamee test flew his BAe Hawk T1 at the Great Orme in April 2015, finished in the very latest patriotic colours of the Red Arrows. 

The model is built from the ever popular  Andy Conway plan and spans 38.5" using 3 Ch R/C.

BAe Hawk T1A built from the Andy Conway plan by Tom Cooke.

Model has a 38.5" span and is finished using black Solarfilm in the popular 100 Sqn RAF Leeming scheme, using decals from Pyramid models.

The model is seen in flight at the Great Orme April 2015. 

Peter Garsden seen with his RAF Red Arrows Hawk T1 at the Great Orme PSSA Fly-In, October 2014.

Peter successfully converted this model to PSS from the Skyways Models power kit.  It is formed mainly from veneered white foam and uses a number of plastic mouldings.

The model spans 54" and has an AUW of just over 5lb.

Michael Jones has recently completed his BAe Hawk Mk 65 built from the popular Andy Conway plan.

The model is finished in the green and white colours of the 'Saudi Hawks' display team and is seen here at rest during the Lleyn MAC PSSA event in August 2014.

A realistic 'low level' flying shot of Geoff Crews superb new BAe Hawk.

Construction is all built up, based heavily on the original drawings, the model is fitted with 3 servos to control ailerons and all-moving tail.

The fuselage is covered in Solartex and is spray painted, the wings and tails are finished in Oracover.

Geoff Crew seen at Whitesheet ahead of the maiden flight of his BAe Hawk T1.

Built from the Andy Conway plans Geoff has scaled the model up by 25% to produce this impressive looking model which now spans 53".

Rez Manzoori seen at the 2013 Lleyn MAC PSSA event displaying his superb BAe Hawk T1A.

Model was converted from the old Peterborough Models I/C power kit, with a modified wing to suit slope duty.

Finished in film and trim on the wings and tail, with a sprayed glass fus, the models AUW of ~ 6lbs gives a wing loading of 24 oz/sq ft which sees it fly very well in a good range of conditions.

Mick Jervis has been in touch with news of his new BAe Hawk T1 - built from the Andy Conway plan.

Mick's Hawk is fitted with the smaller wing made of white foam with a balsa veneer.  The model is finished using light fibreglass cloth and 'Diamond Hard' floor varnish.  With this and paint it has an AUW of 2lb 4oz.

The model is finished in the commemorative 19(F) Sqn scheme.

Ian Parrott has sent in pictures of his new BAe Hawk T1A built from the Andy Conway plan. 

The model has a 44" foam core wing and weighs in at just under 2lb.  It uses 3 Channel R/C to control the Elevator, Ailerons and the nose light - operated by a Turnigy R/C switch unit.

Ian's model is finished superbly in the 2012 RAF display colours.

Underside view of Ian Parrott's superb new Hawk, as per the full-size from RAF Valley - here showing the RAF Benevolent Fund's roundel on this patriotic scheme.
Having been flown successfully over 4 seasons, Rez Manzoori has recovered his BAe Hawk in the colours of the 2009 RAF Display mount.

Rez has created all the 'peel back' decals himself on the home PC to recreate this patriotic scheme to great effect!

Rez Manzoori's superb looking Hawk captured in flight over the Gt Orme in April 2012.
Matt Jones has enhanced his current BAe Hawk model (see previous example below) for the 2012 season by replicating the RAF 100 Sqn commemorative scheme - devised to represent the Avro Lancasters they used to operate in celebration of the squadrons 95th Anniversary.

The model is seen here at the 2012 Lleyn MAC event in August.

Rod Craig has sent in pictures of his new BAe Hawk T1A built from the Andy Conway plan. 

Model has a 38.5" span and is finished in the popular 100 Sqn RAF Leeming scheme. 

Note the working lights fitted in the nose and wing tips.

Another view of Rod Craig's Hawk showing the cockpit detailing.

The model has an AUW of  just 2.2lbs and uses 2 channel RC for ailerons and elevator.

BAe/Boeing T-45 Goshawk built from the Hobbyking EDF kit by David Gilder & successfully converted for PSS.

Constructed entirely of EPO foam, this 43" span model has an AUW of just 1.5lb.

Another view of David Gilder's T-45 Goshawk.

Model is glassed all over and finished in gloss paint and varnish to represent a US Navy trainer from the USS Forrestal.

It uses simple 2 channel R/C to control ailerons and elevator.

Peter Gent has contacted us to report on the completion of his BAe Hawk T.1A, built from the Andy Conway plans and finished very nicely in the classic RAF Red Arrows scheme.

Model uses a built up wing and is fitted with flapperons.  It is covered in Profilm and has an AUW just shy of 2lb.

BAe Hawk T.1A built from the Griffiths/Conway plans by Andy Blackburn.

Model is modified with a well researched wing of 40" span using a SD6060 root section running out to a SD7084 at the tip, with 2.2 degrees of washout.

The model is fitted with flaperons and rudder.  It has an AUW of 27.7oz giving a loading of 12.4 oz/sq ft.

Andy Blackburn's BAe Hawk captured in flight at the June 2014 Great Orme Fly-In.

It is covered in grey Profilm to represent an RAF Tactical Weapons Unit machine.

Matt Jones' BAe Hawk built with modifications from the Andy Conway plan.

Conventional balsa construction, Matt has modified the design to keep weight to a minimum, achieving an AUW of just 23oz.

Built up wing with a scale planform on an E374 section.

Another view of Matt's Hawk T.1A showing the impressive R/C switchable light mounted in the nose.

Model used 3 Ch R/C for ailerons, elevator and nose light.

It is finished in overall black Solarfilm to represent a 100 Sqn aircraft based at RAF Leeming.


Watch Phil Cooke's BAe Hawk in action on the coastal slopes near Abersoch at a recent PSSA event. 

Video by Rez Manzoori.

Phil Cooke's BAe Hawk caught on its maiden flight (and still minus its ventral strakes and other details!) on Bosley Cloud, Cheshire.
Rez Manzoori holds aloft his BAe Hawk T1 in the special display colours of RAF 208(R) Sqn, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of its home base, RAF Valley.  Rez is pictured here on the Lleyn Peninsula in May 2008.

The second Hawk belongs to Phil Cooke and is finished in the 1994 display colours of 92(R) Sqn.

Both models are built from the Andy Conway plan with slight modifications to the tail and built up wing section.  They have an AUW of 2.2lbs.

Each model uses 2 channel RC controlling Ailerons and the All Moving Tailplane.

Steve Kemp has finished his latest BAe Hawk T1 in the colours of RAF 100 Sqn.

Model has veneered foam wing with a built up balsa fuselage and 2-channel RC for Elevator and Aileron.

Barry Crossland seen here launching his model of the BAe Hawk T1 off a coastal slope on the Lleyn Peninsula, North Wales.

Model is finished in the current RAF gloss black trainer scheme.

Photo by Don Brown

Andy Conway designed and built this BAe Hawk 200, finished in the colours of the Malaysian airforce.

Seen here at the Llandudno PSS event in 2007.

A pair of BAe Hawks, built from the original Andy Conway plans by Phil Cooke and Steve Broadbent in 1990.

Both models were finished in the colours of the RAF aerobatic team The Red Arrows.  They were fitted with lights in the nose and were often flown together in close formation on their home slopes at the Leek and Moorland club.

BAe Hawk 100 modified and built by Steve Griffiths from the popular plan by Andy Conway.  Built to 1:12 scale it  spans 46",  weighs 33 oz. and has a wing loading of 14.4 oz/ft sq.

It uses 2 Channel R/C for aileron and elevator (AMT). 

Hawk 100 details include the longer nose with laser rangefinder and FLIR, chaff box above the exhaust and ECM housed on the fin.  It is finished as BAe Hawk 100 demonstrator circa 1987-88.

Empire Test Pilots BAe Hawk T.1 built by Andy Blackburn from the Conway/Griffiths plan.

All balsa, the fuselage and flying surfaces have been altered from the plan to make them more scale, and the wing has been moved back about an inch.

The model is built light, it has an AUW of just 26 oz and benefits from a wing loading of just 11.5 oz/sq ft.

BAe Hawk T.1A built and flown by Phil Cooke.

Modified from the PJ models kit, this model is mainly veneered white foam in construction. 

It is finished in the colourscheme as worn by the 1987 RAF display aircraft and is shown here flying in a great topside shot at the Bosley Cloud site in Cheshire, July 2003. 

Photo by Rez Manzoori

Peter Hitchborne from the Sheffield Soaring Association has completed his model (from the Conway/Griffiths plan) in the form of a Boeing T-45 Goshawk

Note the detailing, with arrestor hook, tailskid and modified wingtips as per the full-sized variant.  Uses 2 Channel radio for aileron and elevator.

Don Brown attended the Lleyn 2003 PSSA event with his rendition of a locally based RAF Valley Hawk T.1. 

Model uses 2 channel R/C for ailerons and elevator - seen here looking resplendant in its colourscheme (complete with Welsh Dragon!)

Mike Briggs modified the Conway/Griffiths plan to produce this BAe Hawk 200 - the single seat air defence fighter variant.

It is finished in matt air defence grey and represents an early BAe development aircraft.

Note the squared wingtips to accept missile rails and the fin mounted ECM.


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